Show 1118 – Hubble Hubble Double Trouble – The Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue

Setting: The Hubble Space Station (not the space telescope)

Mr Cuthbert recruits a crack team of space experts to go on the most ambitious mission yet in the hyper-advanced Hubble Space Station. Among the crew is ward, Herbert, his old rival Bert Kwouk, Bert’s daughter Jennifer and an old Russian pilot Vladimir.

As the space station comes under pressure Jennifer discovers that her father’s wife is not her real mother, who years earlier had an affair with Mr Cuthburt and then went on a space mission that went wrong, leaving her lost in space. As the relationship between Cuthburt and Burt collapses, the one between Herbert and Jennifer blossoms.

Then a meteor strikes the space station. Not everyone will survive as they all try to reach for the stars.




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