Fun stuff

The Showstopper 24-hour song challenge

Can we write, record and edit a song in one day? On any topic, in any musical theatre style? That’s the challenge thrown at us by Elaine Page, Ramin Karimloo and Derren Brown with many more to come. Check them out here!

Alternative Eurovision 2020

The Showstoppers’ Alternative Eurovision Song Contest was on air at 8pm on 15th May 2020. Here is a playlist with the full show as well as all the separate entries for your enjoyment…

Live show clips

This is what we look like in action!

The Showstopper! conspiracy files

A crack investigative team made this hard-hitting documentary that asks the question: is it really possible to improvise a musical? Since clearly it’s not, how are The Showstoppers getting away with it?

What if The Showstoppers stopped improvising?

Interesting question. Here’s an answer…


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